Sleep Health

The importance of Home Sleep Studies is that your body needs rest. As simple as that is to say, we all lead active lives that require us to recharge during our sleeping hours. If you are not getting enough restful sleep, this could be a sleep disorder that can affect your overall health.

Sleep studies have also proven valuable to your mental health. The resulting information can include insights into brain activity and other physiological factors that can also influence anxiety and depression.

Sleep Health Appointments or Telehealth Options

You are welcome to make an appointment with us at any one of our clinics, or virtually with our TeleHealth medicine app. Synergy Health 360 has options for you to discuss your concerns about your sleeping pattens in a discrete office visit or virtual conversation –– and the first step is to connect with one of our primary care physicians.


Your Home Sleep Study

If your consultation with your primary care doctor at Synergy Health 360 results in a home sleep study, this will generally include a portable monitor device that comes with a pulse monitor and airflow sensor. We will study everything from heart rate to breathing (snoring) and your sleep position and body movement.

At the completion of the study, we will know how to approach a treatment plan together. This may also include recommendations for a specific mattress or pillow, or other lifestyle changes that could help improve your sleep.

If you’re ready to take that first step, please contact us today!

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