What is Acute Care?

Acute care is active healthcare treatment for short-term needs like minor injuries and sudden illnesses that are not life-threatening. Typically, these are common medical services that include everything that patients can seek treatment for outside of a hospital or emergency room. Most urgent medical conditions result in a need for emergency medical services, but almost 40% of these can be treated by your primary care physician and avoid the high costs of an unexpected visit to the Emergency Room.

Primary Care & Urgent Care

Synergy Health 360 offers a variety of acute care services that can get you feeling better fast, and our primary care physicians can seamlessly fit this care into your wellness plan or long-term care plan.

The benefits of seeking care with your primary care physician vs an urgent care facility is that any care received will go into your electronic medical records.  Your primary care physician can also order up any lab tests, imaging, or recommend a specialist if the injury or illness should require a more extensive care plan.

Primary Care & Emergency Services

When any illness or injury may require hospitalization or surgery, you should seek out emergency room services. Any acute care received at the hospital or ER should also be shared with your primary care physician.

Acute care services are generally delivered by teams of health care professionals and specialists, and keeping your primary care doctor aware of these treatments is beneficial to all concerned as current medications and prescriptions is important information for you and the providers of your acute care.


Same Day Appointments or Telehealth Options

If you have a non-emergency need such as an accident, minor injury or sudden medical needs – please schedule an in-person or telemedicine appointment today with any one of our primary care physicians.
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