Men’s Health and Wellness


It should come as no surprise that studies have proven over 60 percent of men avoid going to the doctor or discussing their health. And in a world shaken by a global pandemic, the reasons and excuses for avoiding clinics or routine checkups seemed justifiable.

As we emerge from the cloud of COVID-19, it’s time to return to a ‘new normal’ and get back to enjoying our time with family and friends. This new normal should also include a change in the way men view their health.

June is the month we put a little focus on men’s health… summer weather and Father’s Day notwithstanding. But this month is more than just scheduling an annual physical, even though that’s a great place to start. Men’s health is equal parts awareness, wellness and preventative medicine, and here are a few things that should be top of mind for men of all ages between now and your next doctor appointment.


Sports Physicals

Over the summer, most adolescents and young men require an annual physical to play organized sports. This is also a good time to start building a relationship with your primary care provider and discuss your family medical history. The likelihood that hereditary traits are passed along are common enough to be talking about this early and often when it comes to types of cancer, heart conditions or diabetes. And the more you’re aware of what to look out for and how you might prevent the onset of a chronic condition is the best way to keep enjoying sports and competitive activities for years to come.


Family Medicine

As we age and begin caring about the health of our children and spouse, it shouldn’t be the time we take our own health for granted. The family doctor is not a forgotten concept, and Synergy Health 360 has been working to reimagine what that looks like for busy households by creating an integrated model with care and services for everyone under one roof. Take advantage of this convenience to schedule an appointment for you and your spouse or child on the same day!


Big Life Changes

So much happened over the course of last year that 2020 was a blur for most people. It was also the year that over 16MM Americans moved –– whether it was for work or to be closer to family during the pandemic. If you are looking for a new primary care provider since moving to Arizona, we would be happy to see you at Synergy Health 360.


Yearly Medicare “Wellness” Visits

If you’ve had Medicare Part B for more than 12 months, you are eligible for a once a year Wellness visit. This is an opportunity to develop a personalized plan to help prevent chronic disease and disability, based on your current health and risk factors. Don’t miss out on this annual checkup and schedule your appointment today.


The Best is Yet to Come

The vaccination is reopening the world and with so much to look forward to we should be grateful for good health. You can also do your part to reverse the perception that men avoid the doctor for good reasons… because we all know there is no substitute for good health, and there are no excuses for missing out on the next memorable moment.

There is no time like the present to schedule an annual physical or wellness check with your primary care provider at Synergy Health 360.