Here’s Why It’s Important to Get an Annual Physical

Synergy Health 360

When it comes to our attitudes toward medical care, we often disregard preventive care. We just don’t think it’s that important or even that it provides much benefit. As a result, most of us don’t realize how important it is to get an annual physical.

At Synergy Health 360, we understand that preventive care is critical to our patients’ health and well-being. Our physicians compiled this helpful guide on the importance of getting your annual physical and why primary care matters.

Annual physicals detect problems early

Regardless of your age, you could be developing health problems. When it comes to preventing and avoiding these health risks, early detection is key. There are different health problems that annual physicals can detect early, with tests like:

  • Blood pressure screening – This test measures the pressure of your blood against your arteries and can help detect high or low blood pressure.
  • Body mass index (BMI) – This number is calculated using your height and weight, and it helps determine if you’re at a healthy weight. Being overweight can place you at risk for a variety of health concerns, like heart problems and diabetes.
  • Blood glucose screening – This checks to see if your body is processing blood sugar correctly and can determine if you have prediabetes or diabetes.
  • Cholesterol screening – This test helps to make sure that your cholesterol is at a normal level. High cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis, which ups your risk for a heart attack and stroke.
  • Skin cancer screening – This full-body exam helps catch any odd moles or growths on your skin that could be cancerous.
  • Breast exam – This exam detects lumps in your breasts or changes in your breast skin that could be cancerous.
  • Prostate exam – This exam helps by detecting any physical indicators of prostate cancer. It may be coupled with a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test.
  • Gynecological exam – This helps ensure that your reproductive health is optimal. It may include a Pap smear to check for abnormal cells that may indicate cervical cancer.

When you come in for your physical, we check to make sure all of your immunizations are up to date. Immunizations are important for children, but also for adults, as they help protect you from diseases like shingles, hepatitis, pneumonia, and the flu, among others.

The importance of your primary care provider

The time to find a primary care physician is not after you’re already sick. Getting established with one of our primary care providers ensures that you have someone to manage your overall health. We keep a detailed record of your medical and family history, medications, and an overall picture of your whole-body health. As your primary care provider, we’re responsible for seeing you for your yearly exam and providing preventive care to detect any developing health conditions.

At Synergy Health 360 we understand the importance of preventive and primary care for your wellness. We look at you as a whole person, rather than just a group of symptoms. We take your individual needs into account, using our expertise to tailor an individual health plan just for you.

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