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Have you stepped into the role of caring for a loved one? Whether you are the spouse, child, neighbor or other family or friend, we understand how challenging it can be to get started with managing somebody else’s health. At Synergy Health, we are committed to helping you navigate in all areas of health, including mind, body and spirit for both YOU and your loved one.

Before we get started, I want to first recognize you for being a caregiver. Your loved one is lucky to have you as their advocate. Even if they don’t act like it or verbally share how grateful they are, it is true. It takes a strong person to come into this kind of role and we are happy to help you and coordinate their care in any way we can.

So many times we have conversations with caregivers that feel exhausted or unappreciated. They got involved for all the right reasons in the beginning, but caring for others can wear you down –– and it’s perfectly natural to feel that way and that you need some rest. This is why we are YOUR advocate, too. Because we all care about the health of your loved one, and it’s important for you to feel supported in your efforts. Please know that we’re here to help.

At Synergy Health, we not only treat our patients, we actually encourage caregiver participation as part of the communication process. Making sure that everybody hears the same message from their doctor is important and step one is scheduling that initial appointment where all parties are part of the conversation. This means you can attend, too. As their caregiver and/or advocate, you also need to consider your health and wellbeing while caring for loved ones. This is why we’ve created so many options for you to feel involved and supported.

Telemedicine Options

COVID-19 has changed the way we care for ourselves and managing our health with providers. Telemedicine options are a great way to continue to receive the care that you need if you aren’t ready to come to our clinic for appointments. The great news about Synergy Health, is that we have both options available.

Virtual medical appointments can be an effective and convenient tool for both practitioners and patients, especially for those with significant mobility issues or health conditions that make them more vulnerable to infections.

If you or your loved one is interested in telemedicine, ask our health care team about whether and when a video or phone consultation can replace a trip to the office. Check that your family member’s insurance will cover telemedicine, and take these additional steps to get ready:

  • Find out what technology or app is needed for a successful telemedicine visit.
  • Make sure you have a device with video capabilities (phone, computer, tablet).
  • Make sure your device is plugged in or fully charged.
  • Have tools at the ready. If you have a thermometer, blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter (to monitor oxygenation and pulse), make sure they are handy for your appointment. We may want you to use them so we can record the results.

During the Visit

One of the best things to do for the initial visit is to come prepared with any medical history you have available, and any questions you have thought of prior to the appointment. Encourage your loved one to do the same. Right down a list of your current symptoms, concerns, and needs and be sure to hand that list to your provider.

During the visit we encourage note taking. You never know what detail may be important down the road. You can also share notes with your loved one, and with other doctors you may come into contact with.

When to see a specialist

Over the years, we have seen a huge difference in the communication efforts between practitioners of varying levels and specialties. The key though, it to always start with your primary care provider. All specialties that you may need are coordinated and covered when using Synergy.

Physician communication is something that Synergy Health is passionate about. So if you “winter” here in Arizona and need a doctor to manage you or your loved ones care while in Arizona, we will work with you and all of your practitioners in your home state to ensure there is no gap in care.

As part of our 360º Wellness philosophy, we can refer you to other providers when it specialty care is needed. If you are looking to maintain your wellness, we can coordinate your care with our wellness team. If you are in need of someone to help you manage your chronic conditions or mental health needs, we can work with other Synergy Health Providers who can help. No matter what level of healthcare you need, we ensure that we address the whole mind, body spirit to ensure your quality of life is everything you expect it to be.

Understand Your Role

At the end of the day, keep in mind that the goal for your loved one is to ensure the best possible care for them. There will be days of frustration. There will be days of doubt. Our best advice is to remain focused on the goal and try to go with the flow and keep all lines of communication as open as possible.
Never hesitate to ask the heath care team for help.

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