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Weight Loss Program Enrollment

Your Journey Begins Here!

Our comprehensive weight loss program is different than anything you may have experienced before. We care about all of you … your mental health and overall well-being, and how we can support every step in your weight loss journey. Your weight loss program will be personally tailored to you––not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ or one-dimensional approach to calorie and carb counting. Here’s how it works:


Step 1. Schedule Your Health & Goals Consultation

Meet with your integrative primary care provider for a comprehensive consultation and to discuss the best options and medications available to you––based on your health and weight loss goals.

Step 2. Create Your Personalized Plan & Regiment

Your primary care provider will schedule weekly visits and your treatment plan for any prescribed medications, for the first 90 days (three months).

Step 3. Chart Your Progress & Check Ins

Each month, we will track your progress and weight loss milestones during your treatments––and we will be with you every step of the way.

Membership to Synergy Health 360 means you have access to integrated care… everywhere!

Our 360º Weight Loss Program is uniquely designed by physicians and primary care providers, and our integrative approach is what makes us different. If you have concerns about your health and weight, whether you’ve gained some extra pounds over the years or if you’ve had life-long weight problems; we can help.

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360º Weight Loss Program – Terms of Enrollment

Members must schedule a Health & Goals Consultation to
be screened and qualify for the prescription of any
weight loss medications.

The 360º Weight Loss Program is a 90-day (three month) commitment.
All labs and other pre-screening requirements to qualify are extra.
Wellness and Lifestyle changes are also recommended.

360 Weight Loss Program Includes:
Weekly Check-ins to Administer Medication
Monthly Check-ins to Measure Results