Telehealth Medicine

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Telehealth Medicine

Synergy Health 360 offers Telehealth medicine to our patients anywhere and everywhere they might be. Telehealth medicine is a great option for patients who want more consistent face-to-face time with their healthcare providers, especially if you can’t make an on-site appointment fit your busy schedule.

Our affordable monthly subscription model can also provide your family appointment availability per each family member, or unlimited monthly appointments if you have a chronic condition that requires routine check-ups and management.

Would you like to see your doctor from the comfort of your home? Call them anytime you have a question, or schedule a same day appointment to refill a prescription? Our Telehealth services can help you do exactly that and more!

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COMING SOON: the Synergy Health 360 Telehealth Experience

The Synergy Health 360 Telehealth platform will be available online, on any device.

Apple Devices


Launch your SafariTM browser and click on the patient portal link that we sent you.

Tap the Share button located in the browsers toolbar.

  • iPhone: Center of browser bar at bottom of screen
  • iPad: Center of browser bar at bottom of screen

Tap the Add to Home Screen button. You’ll be prompted
to name the button, we suggest “My Doctor’s Office”.


The button will now appear on you home screen. Place it wherever you’d like by dragging it, Just like any app icon.

AndroidTM Devices


Launch your ChromeTM and click on the patient portal link that we sent you.

From the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the browser, choose Add to Home Screen. You’ll be promoted to name the button, we suggest “My Doctor’s Office”.


The button will now appear on you home screen. Place it wherever you’d like by dragging it, Just like any app icon.

What is Telehealth Medicine?

Telehealth medicine is the term used to describe a platform capable of providing personalized medical wellness services, delivered via online or telemedicine appointments. Many patients have adopted a more virtual approach to seeing their family doctor, and there are dozens of conditions and illnesses that can be diagnosed and treated without needing to step foot in a clinic. For an annual or monthly subscription, you can access a variety of wellness services from Synergy Health 360, including:

Unlimited Monthly Telehealth Appointments
Medication Home Delivery
Same-Day Appointments
Extended Visit Times
24/7 Email And Phone Access

At your annual physical, Synergy Health 360 goes beyond most doctors and performs various tests and screenings not typically covered by Medicare or commercial insurance companies.


Synergy Health 360 Telehealth Subscriptions

As part of your subscription, Synergy Health 360 develops an annual wellness plan that is customized for you. It includes services like:

  • Chronic Care Management
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Acute Care
  • Exercise & Physical Therapy Videos
  • Lifestyle Recommendations, Recipes and Meal Plans

More than half of American physicians only spend about 15 minutes with a patient per visit. In contrast, physicians like Synergy Health 360 typically spend about 35 minutes with a patient who takes advantage of concierge medicine.


Scheduling a Telehealth Appointment

As a TeleHealth patient, you can call Synergy Health 360 for a multitude of reasons. We are here to address your health concerns, answer questions about medication, and counsel you about your injury, illness or chronic condition. Some of the most common reasons patients choose to schedule a TeleHealth appointment include:

  • Discuss cold/flu symptoms
  • Request a prescription renewal
  • Discuss back pain
  • Discuss chest pain
  • Discuss headache

Calling Synergy Health 360 for a consultation offers you peace of mind and answers for your symptoms the minute you have them. It perfectly complements other wellness services by ensuring that you maintain your health.

Is Telehealth Medicine Right for Me?

Some patients only see their primary care or family doctor once a year. Others may have a chronic condition that requires wellness and medication management. Regardless what end of this spectrum you might be on, the approach at Synergy Health 360 is provide a more consistent and connected relationship with your provider whether you need to see them on-site or online.

Telehealth medicine is especially beneficial if you’re over 50 or if you suffer from multiple ailments. If you’re an older adult, you likely require attention for more health concerns than a younger, healthier patient. Telehealth medicine offers you the opportunity to get the extended, personalized care you need, no matter how many health problems you experience.

On average, about 90% of patients who use Telehealth medicine services say they’re satisfied with their treatment, and 97% say that their doctor takes a meaningful interest in their health. In contrast, only about 60% of patients report being happy with traditional health care. If you’re unsatisfied with your current health care plan and feel like your doctor isn’t investing enough time in you, Telehealth medicine may provide more opportunities for appointment times and follow ups.

If you’re interested in updating your wellness plan to include Telehealth medicine, reach out to Synergy Health 360 today to learn more. To schedule a consultation, call his office or request an appointment online today.

Please note that a $50 will be charged to the credit card, if the visit is not covered by the insurance.

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