360° Diabetic Foot & Wound Care Program

Welcome to our 360° Diabetic Foot & Wound Care Program. We understand that managing diabetes requires personalized attention and comprehensive support every step of the way. Here’s how our program works:

Health & Goals Consultation:

Schedule a thorough consultation with our integrative diabetic care provider. During this session, we’ll discuss your diabetic concerns, goals, and any specific issues you may be facing. Together, we’ll explore the best options and treatments available to tailor a personalized diabetic care plan just for you.

Personalized Plan & Regiment:

Based on your consultation, our diabetic care provider will create a customized treatment plan focusing on managing diabetes effectively. This plan may include blood sugar monitoring, dietary adjustments, exercise recommendations, and any prescribed medications. We believe in an approach that considers your overall well-being, including mental health, lifestyle factors, and specific diabetic health concerns.

Progress Tracking & Check-Ins:

Regular check-ins are essential for monitoring your progress and addressing any changes or concerns in managing your diabetes. We’ll celebrate your achievements and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your optimal health and well-being. Remember, we’re here to support you throughout your diabetic care journey. Let’s work together to achieve your health goals and promote your overall well-being!

Dr. Fryberg Image

Dr. Robert Frykberg

Diabetic Foot and Wound Care Specialist

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